When Asked Why I Listen to Music Where "They Scream So Much"

A deeply personal poem and heartfelt collaboration between Kevin W. Burke and film director John Valley. (CW: Sexual Assault)

This is What the Volume Knob is For

Live from WAN in Houston, TX, Kevin delivers his praise for the all healing volume knob as part of his This is Ramshackle Freedom Tour. 

BtMI (Bomb the Music Industry)

From the final stage of the Texas Grand Slam, a poem about Jeff Rosenstock (of BtMI), depression, suicide, and healing through music.

Yankee Devil in God's Country

A love letter to the complicated beauty of the south performed for the weekly home crowd at Austin Poetry Slam.

Day Two

A poem about Kevin's time as a substitute teacher. Performed in Semi-Finals of the 2103 National Poetry Slam in Boston, MA.