This is Ramshackle Freedom (Chapbook)

This is Ramshackle Freedom (Chapbook)


Kevin W. Burke's fourth chapbook is the partner in crime of the album of the same name.  It's a mix of old poems, new poems and songs with guitar chords included so you can play the home game.  Kevin sincerely hopes you dig it.


Poems/Songs included:


This is What the Volume Knob is For

On Smashing a Guitar

What Keeps us Together

Eight String Lullaby


Yankee Devil in God's Country

When Asked Why I Listen to Music Where "They Scream So Much"


I Will Scream this 'Til We're All Dead

Friends, Pie, and the Apocalypse

Open Your Ears and Breathe

To All You Smiling Lifeboats and Mountain Goat Feet