This is Ramshackle Freedom (Album/USBCasette)

This is Ramshackle Freedom (Album/USBCasette)


Inital work on this album began over three years ago. It was first delayed when poet Kevin W. Burke's car was broken into during a move and he lost five years of hard and digital copies of writing. It was then delayed again when about a year after that, producer Jared Marshall lost most of his production hardware, including his hard drive, when his home was broken into. Finally, after all of this, several reworkings and reimaginings, hours of recording and composing, they are proud to present to you "This is Ramshackle Freedom". 

It's a mix of old and new poems and songs from Kevin and brand new musical accompaniment and production work from Jared. The result is a unique mix of spoken word, punk, hip hop, folk, and other influences. 

Other musical contributors include Laura Mercado-Wright, Charlie Russel, and John Valley. 


If y'all just want the digital file, follow this link: