Going Down Singing

Going Down Singing

It's here y'all! 






It's a story of healing and growth told in poetry and a playlist.


Here's some nice things fancy people have said about it:


"The poems in Kevin Burke's Going Down Singing echo the spirit of song and packet concert halls and volume, volume, volume.  The language in the poems is soaring and miraculous."


- Hanif Abdurraqib, author or They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us -


"Going Down Singing is a collection that is a praise to both the splinter and the scar. Not only is this a delightful debut, but more importantly, it is one long love letter to anyone who has ever thought about leaving this wild world, to please stay."


- Lacey Roop, author of And Then Came the Flood -


"...Kevin Burke dives into the hot swamp of punk and reverie, a death grip, slowly releasing the past through powerful verses of holy fuck, southern lightning, and gratefullness."


- Derrick Brown, author of Hello. It Doesn't Matter and Uh-Oh -