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Poet. Punk Rocker. Firefighter.

Kevin W. Burke was born and raised in the aged suburban stretch, industrial parks, and haunted forests of the Chicago Southland. He has found work in a grocery store, animal shelter, power plants, scaffold yard, coffee shop, windshield warehouse, film studio, bar, classrooms, the back of an ambulance, a fire engine, and the poetry of the homemade flyers, frayed cables, and broken nosed laughter between punk-rock and hip-hop.  When he’s not doing poety things, he is working as a firefighter and resides in South Austin with a wonderful lady and their three big dogs.

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Going Down Singing

It's here, y'all! Kevin's first full length Going Down Singing is now available! 


"Kevin W. Burke's work is a mix between punk rock and grunge-rap drinking a cold beer on the front porch.  His poetry and person is genuine."

Ebony Stewart, 2017 WOWPs Champion and author of Home. Girl. Hood.

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